Monday Morning Learning – 16 August 2021

Published on 20 Aug '21

TikTok Launches ‘Creative Solutions’ Guide to Building Effective TikTok Campaigns

With TikTok gaining more and more popularity, more brands and marketers are looking into how they can maximise the app’s tools and functions to boost their content’s reach and discovery. Unlike how Instagram and Facebook works, in terms of reaching out to the community, incorporating organic trends and even re-purposing ad campaigns or even creating professional-looking ads might not equate to more views and reach.

Thus, TikTok has put together a creative guide for brands based on case studies of effective organic videos that have done well on the app. TikTok explains creatives should be tailored to the platform’s unique characteristics. This guide provides useful notes and tips for effective and noteworthy best practices to make the most of the app for creators.


Instagram Adds New Features to Help Protect Users from Bullying and Abuse

Current features:

  • penalties
  • personal accounts to switch off DMs from people they don’t follow

New features:

  • “Limits” option
  • temporarily limit unwanted messages & comments from selected groups
  • groups recommended based on detected activity
  • display stronger warning message such as deletion of account
  • automated detection based on certain terms & phrases in comment field
  • hidden words feature for DMs
  • automatically filter DMs based on potentially offensive terms, phrases or emojis
  • re-routed to Hidden folder


Instagram Adds New ‘Audio’ Tab to its Search Options to Boost Reels Engagement


Instagram has added the capacity to search for audio specifically within the search tab in the app.

How it Works

Now when you search on Instagram, you’ll be able to switch across to a new ‘Audio’ tab, which will highlight the various tracks available for use within the app. 

Tap on any track and you’ll see a TikTok-like display of the Reels that have utilized samples of that song.

You can then save the audio for your own usage, while also getting a full overview of relevant trends and clips for inspiration.

This makes it easier to tap into trends based on music clips, with a focus on Reels creation based on the same.


Instagram is likely looking to increase Reels usage, in an effort to fend off rising competition from TikTok, it makes sense for it to align with usage trends, and facilitate related discovery as best it can.

As Tiktok continues to grow its user base and influence among the younger audiences, it is likely that Instagram is going to continue to add similar tools to slow down IG to TikTok user migrations, which eats into their audience bases.


Reddit Tests New TikTok-Like Video Feed as it Looks to Expand its Video Options

Reddit will be adding a video feed option to their forums after their previous acquisition of the company called Dubmash.

This was due to the popularity and rise of short video content.

As they do not have their own camera function for users to upload videos, they allow them to upload their video content from other platforms like TikTok, IG, YouTube and others.

A key takeaway would be Reddit is a popular platform for social and tech related topics. The new video feed will enable users to view videos of similar categories of videos they have previously watched or threads they have commented on. This will be a great tool for new tech tools to be discovered on Reddit.


Instagram Verification

IG has rolled out a verification form to facilitate the application of account verification. Where previously the submission form was ambiguous, this new form clearly defines what needs to be uploaded, and has additional fields support to ensure documents and links are uploaded properly.

You can find this by going to Account ->  Request Verification

Do note that for applications which are unsuccessful, you need to wait for up to 30 days from the date of application, before a resubmission can be done.

Facebook Shares New Insights into the Key Elements of Effective Video Content

Video effectiveness on Facebook is determined by 2 main factors – executional elements such as ads, duration etc as well as the creative element which includes copy quality and design. These elements are at 20 and 70% respectively

7 best practices

  • Frame for mobile (the article recommended 4:5 for FB and square for IG but we SHOULD GO FOR 1080 x 1350 px for IG!!!!!!!)
  • Made for sound off – but we should go for sound on for most of the time!
  • Showcase the product or service (main subject of the ad) 
  • Have a single message focus – avoid squeezing multiple messages in one creative
  • Showcase unique brand – due to FB algorithm, not everything will be showed
  • Get to the point – make sure the key message is in the front. 
  • Use movements or fast edit in introduction – aim to include some fast paced movement at the start and avoid having a still introduction. 

Highly recommended

  • Say it it in less – succinct in messaging
  • Flip the traditional storytelling arc
  • Spark interest with twists and surprises
  • Visual interest. Bright colours and close up