Monday Morning Learning – 31 August 2020

Published on 04 Sep '20

Facebook Warns of Major Impacts to Audience Network Effectiveness Due to iOS 14 Update

Facebook has warned Audience Network advertisers that coming updates to user privacy settings as part of iOS 14, which is set to be rolled out by Apple next month, will severely impact the effectiveness of their ads, and may render the option completely ineffective in some instances.

TikTok CEO Resigns as Oracle-Lead Bid Becomes the Lead Contender in the Acquisition Race

The biggest news out of TikTok is the resignation of newly appointed global CEO Kevin Mayer, who only took on the new role back in May.

TikTok Shares Official User Counts as Discussions Continue on Takeover Bids

TikTok has revealed its actual user counts for the first time, which detail TikTok-specific user numbers, not incorporating usage of the Chinese version of the app, called ‘Douyin’.

Much has been made of TikTok’s meteoric growth, with the app reaching 2 billion total downloads worldwide back in April this year. That led to some confusion over the app’s actual usage, with some conflating download numbers with user counts, and comparing TikTok to Instagram and Facebook in terms of user numbers.

Further Concerns Around App Store Policies

Facebook has said that it tried to be more transparent with its users as to where any money raised via its new paid events tool will go, with respect to fees and charges implemented by the App Store, but was blocked from doing so by Apple, who is already going through antitrust litigation.

Facebook has unloaded a bunch of new updates for its eCommerce tools

Facebook’s rolling out a new ‘Shop’ tab on Facebook. There will be a new, dedicated Shopping tab will be available in the options menu, and will showcase a range of businesses that are selling products directly on the platform.

Checkout on Instagram is being added to all US businesses and creators. To use checkout, businesses must have Shops and use Facebook Commerce Manager or our partners Shopify and BigCommerce.

Instagram finds new ad space at the end of your feed with the launch of ‘Suggested Posts’ feature

Instagram has found a new place to display ads: at the end of your feed. Instagram alerts users when they’ve scrolled through all the new content in their Instagram feed, with a notice reading “You’re All Caught Up” that appears on the screen. Now, Instagram says it will use this space to suggest new, organic posts for users to view as well as ads.