Monday Morning Leaning – 2 November 2020

Published on 04 Nov '20

Snapchat Adds New 3D Body Scan Lenses for Halloween

Snapchat has launched a new set of 3D body scan Lenses, building upon its body tracking technology, which is able to move and adjust based on how you move on the screen. The new Lenses respond to your movement in the frame, with digital characters or costumes aligning with your actions. Snapchat says that this is a first of its kind AR tool, with the Lenses working in both the front and rear-facing camera alignments.

The new option could open up a range of fun, new brand tie-ins and opportunities – and even new AR try-on tools to get a better idea of what you might look like in a new item of clothing or similar.

Google’s Working on a New Process Which Would Convert Static Website Assets into Video Content

Google is testing a new process that would enable businesses to create video assets from static website content, making it easier for brands to move into video content.

Burger King asks fans to visit ‘scary’ abandoned restaurants, gets grilled instead

Done in collaboration with MullenLowe Group Boston, the “Scary Places” experience takes users to abandoned restaurants where burgers have not been flame-grilled for years and allow them to redeem a free Whopper coupon at the end of the “visit”.

Facebook Begins Roll Out of Dark Mode on its Mobile App

After months of testing, and after launching dark mode options on every other one of its apps, Facebook has today confirmed that it’s now launching a full public test of a dark mode within its main mobile app.

Best Practices in Handling Ad Accounts with Rejected Ads

It’s recommended that for all disapproved ads, we create a spreadsheet, screenshot them and catalog these errors. Thereafter we should remove them from the Ads Manager.

The algorithm works in a way that it actually counts # of disapproved ads which will directly impact future ads that we are buying. So the less rejected ads we have in the Ads Manager, the better the chance of getting it approved and the account being degraded.