Monday Morning Learning – 9 November 2020

Published on 13 Nov '20

8 Digital and Graphic Design Trends to Inspire Your Business in 2021 and Beyond [Infographic]

Here’s what makes the list:

  • Responsive Clutter
  • Surrealist Still Life
  • Maximalism
  • Outsized Typography
  • Earth x Metal
  • In-Text Photography
  • Technodystopia
  • Disharmonious Color Combos

More details found in the article.

Baybeats virtual music festival on TikTok

Over the weekend, Esplanade held a virtual Baybeats concert and streamed it live on TikTok as well. This was a good way to host the event that usually attracts a young millennial/ Gen Z crowd in Singapore, due to it being a free musical event. Interesting notes for a live session on TikTok:

  • Live sessions will appear as you’re scrolling through your feed. You have the option of joining the session if interested. Per usual live sessions, once joined you’ll be able to see the number of people who’ve joined the session and add your comments in real-time
  • Esplanade has also created a personalized border design for their event so that the surrounding area isn’t just a black border
  • You can utilize banners on the discover page to publicize an event. The banners can lead directly to the live event

What is Marketing Attribution?

It’s the analytical science of determining which marketing tactics are contributing to sales or conversions, it gets more and more complex when considering many touch-points and trying to understand how each of them contributed to the conversion.

There are a few models, such as the last-touch attribution (gives 100% attribution for the conversion to the last channel from which the person converted), or there is the multi-touch, time-decay, W-shaped etc.

Understanding the Attribution Landscape

There are two key players to note, AppsFlyer and Kochava, both of whom offer tools for attribution and mobile deep linking. Kochava has launched an identity solution called IdentityLocker that allows for people to opt in to create personas and archetypes based on big data. AppsFlyer has taken it one step further with a solution that also tracks attribution from App Clips (Apple’s shortcut to completing a single app function or task quickly and seamlessly without installing the app).

Also – all you need to know about deeplinking

WhatsApp Payments In India

The approval was granted by the Indian government and it sets in motion the rapid development and subsequent deployment of a payment system within WhatsApp itself.

Whether there will be service fees associated with the solution, we are not sure, but it should be minimal for brands but free for users.